Customized specialty tiles

Finnish-made, unique and beautiful tile solutions for demanding restoration and new-build projects.

Each tile project starts with careful preliminary work to ensure the desired outcome. The quality and technical durability of the tiles is always the basis of product development, followed by the right shape, color, glaze and structure. Especially when renovating facades the preliminary work may last 3-6 months.

Manufactured according to the architect's specifications

Specialty tiles can be designed to meet the wishes of the architect. Therefore, they are ideally suited for high-quality new-builds and renovation projects, which require flexibility and expertise in design and production.

Production process

Customer-specific process

The preliminary work includes drawing up the blueprints of the tile as well as creation of the perfect recipe.

Handmade unique tiles

Tiles are dried, glazed and fired by hand. Manual labor provides more flexibility to the process.

Quality control from start to finish

We create many test samples with different clay and glaze recipes to ensure the best possible quality.

Perfect for Nordic climate

In the North tiles endure harsh winters and hot summers, and weather fluctuations are not leveling off in the future. The ceramic tile is highly resistant of cold, heat and air pollution.

Endless possibilities

We can supply new-builds with unique facade elements, bricks in different shapes, high-quality tiles and weatherproof clinkers. Products can be glazed with different colors or left as they are.

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