FAQ about construction ceramics

More and more people are interested about construction ceramics. Here you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions concerning the subject.

  • Why choose ceramic tiles?

    Pentik’s ceramic tiles are technically high-quality; they withstand changing weather conditions, stay very clean and bring elegance to any building. Tiles made of clay are also a cost-effective solution.

  • What’s the advantage of your design service?

    The Pentik factory manufactures customized tiles for demanding projects. The tiles can be customized according to the customer’s wishes up to the design and clay recipe. The logistical advantage is that the tiles are manufactured in Finland. As a rule, the big players in the field have their own tile collections, which means that the architect’s ability to create unique solutions is hindered.

  • Where can ceramic tiles be used?

    Ceramic tiles are commonly used facade material in Central and Southern Europe, while in Finland they have been used extensively in public buildings. Pentik’s products can be used in wall and floor surfaces both outdoors and indoors. The tiles are also suitable for wet rooms.