Unique ceramic tiles for facade and indoor construction projects

Made from clay in the birthplace of Pentik, at the ceramics factory in Posio, with half a century of experience.

Pentik Construction Ceramics manufactures custom-made facade and indoor tiles for both old and new buildings. 

One of the oldest building materials in the world, clay, is known for its versatility. The construction ceramic products created at the Pentik factory can withstand hot, cold and the test of time. Whether it’s old valuable properties or unique new building projects, Pentik Construction Ceramics offers durable and technically high-quality tiles that are customized according to the customer’s wishes.

What is construction ceramics?

Perfect for Nordic weather conditions

Whether it rains water or snow, the construction ceramics can withstand the Nordic weather and air pollution while staying clean.

Manufactured to meet your needs

Construction ceramic tiles are customized according to the customer’s wishes up to the design and clay recipe.

Endless possibilities

Order unique tiles, facade elements, bricks in different shapes or clinkers – glazed or left as they are.

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